Posted by: Kimberly J. McCloskey | December 26, 2010

Miles Traveled


Miles was the official ambassador of The Cat Spa… he is the reason it actually came into existence. Here is the story of how he came into our lives.

One Saturday morning back in 1992, during a tropical depression, I opened the front door to my apartment to find a small orange and white cat hanging around the driveway. He was very friendly and came right to me, so of course, I befriended him but eventually went about my business back inside the house. However, a couple hours later, the little guy was still there with no food or water, so I invited him in.

I had a pet ferret at the time and the little kitten went right over to Shandie’s cage to check her out… Shandie and her food and her litter pan. He was a curious little guy (surprise!) and checked out the entire apartment. He had giant ears; they just looked too large for his little head. But he was cute!

I was curious where kitty came from. My apartment was in a rural area with few houses near us, and I couldn’t imagine where he came from. Early in the afternoon my neighbor in the apartment came out and I asked her about the kitten. She said he has shown up the night before and she let him into her place because of the rain, but couldn’t keep him and thought when she let him out in the morning he would go back home, wherever that was. I told her he ended up at my place.

Rob eventually came home for lunch and I introduced him to the kitten, “Honey, look what I found.” Rob was a bit indifferent until he made himself a tuna sandwich and the kitten proceeded to climb Rob’s unclothed leg to get to the tuna – not good! We agreed we needed to return the kitten to his rightful owners.

After lunch, Rob and I went to the very few houses within a mile radius of our apartment, and no one claimed to have ever seen the kitten before. We even went to the local corner store and inquired there – again, no one claimed the little guy. So now what do we do?

Back home the orange and white kitten had made himself comfortable, I guess he decided we were going to be people. But we still weren’t certain about that as we weren’t supposed to have cats or dogs in the rental! We decided to keep him until Monday and take him to the shelter if that’s what we needed to do.

But before that could ever happen, the little kitten proved his worth and demonstrated his intelligence.

Monday morning the rain from the tropical depression continued, and Rob and I both went to work leaving the kitten in the house for us to deal with later. But when Rob came home for lunch… everything changed. When Rob entered the house, he could see the kitten in the kitchen staring intently at the window looking over the back yard. Even when Rob began to make lunch, the kitten would not take his eyes off the window. Rob decided to investigate what it was that held the kitten’s attention. When Rob pulled back the curtain, he could see a rattle snake intertwined with the jalousies windows and pushing very hard at the edged of the screen desperately trying to get in! (Mind you, the yard was flooded from all the rain from the tropical depression). So Rob was able to deal with the rattle snake without it finding its way into our home, and the orange and white kitten found himself a permanent home.

So it was time to name the little guy if he was staying!

The kitten couldn’t have gotten out to our remote area on his own, so after a little bit of thought, Rob came to the conclusion that we couldn’t know how many miles the car traveled before dumping the kitten, but that was obviously what had happened. And suddenly the name “Miles Traveled” was born.

And so was The Cat Spa, but we didn’t know it at the time.


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