Posted by: Kimberly J. McCloskey | December 31, 2010

The Evil Princess Natasha Fuzzy


Aw, well, she wasn’t really evil… she just looked like it.

Princess started her life living across the street from us with another family. She was an indoor/outdoor kitty and would come over to visit our yard because we had a bird bath where she could stalk birds and plenty of bushes and trees where lizards hung out. We made friends with her, of course, and became concerned for her safety in crossing our busy street each day.  But the girls who owned her – three young sisters – adored her and told us they brushed her daily and bathed her often. For obvious reasons they had named her “Princess” — she was gorgeous! We always told the girls that if ever they wanted to give her away, we would take her.

About a year later, we moved away and Princess stayed with her owners.

Six months after that we came back to our old neighborhood to visit our friends who had lived next door, and the young girls that owned Princess saw us. They came over and asked, “Do you still want Princess? We can’t keep her.” Needless to say, we were quite surprised! We never expected those young girls to ever give up that beautiful kitten! Sadly the reason the girls gave us for not being able to keep her was because they had a relative who was coming to visit but was highly allergic to cats. To us, that was a lame excuse, but the reality still remained that Princess needed a new home.

The next day Princess came to live with us. She was the perfect little lady when we brought her in. She loved the attention we gave her and let us brush her and treat her like a little princess. She was shy around Rob to begin with so we were concerned that the men in her life might not have been real kind to her.

It also came to our attention that Princess had poor eyesight. When running through the house, there were numerous times she would run straight into chair legs… over and over and over again. If she saw something that made her curious, she would squint and move her head in a way that you could just tell she was struggling to make out whatever it was she was looking at. Treats and food were found quicker by her sense of smell than by her vision. So we marveled at how she had managed to cross our busy road every day, several times a day, for a year and a half and not ever get hit by a car. We were also grateful that she was one of ours now, an indoor only kitty.

We renamed her to Natasha – to go along with Boris (you know, Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle) and because we wanted to stick with the theme we already had going in that all of our kitties had people names. However, in her case her official name became “Princess Natasha”.

Two weeks later – the real Princess Natasha surfaced. Our new little girl had attitude! She no longer wanted to be doted upon, no more brushing, and no more hugs and kisses. She also decided she wanted to be top cat in our house and put up arguments with Miles and Boris to prove her status. I think she used to torment Boris because he was just too kind to fight back. She would run up on him, let out her little battle cry and swat. But Miles put her in her place every time she tried anything on him.

Meanwhile, Princess Natasha decided to adopt Rob as her human and didn’t want anything to do with me at all. I wasn’t even worthy of being her servant as far as she was concerned. What was amusing is that when Rob would sit in his recliner, she would perch on the arm of the chair next to him, as if he were the King and she was his evil sidekick.

Thus the title “Evil” got added to her official name.

The addition of Fuzzy came along sometime after only because, well, she was fuzzy!

So that’s the story of how The Evil Princess Natasha Fuzzy came into The Cat Spa.



  1. I loved my fuzzy…

  2. I came accross your post today, and I just had to leave a comment, because I’m certain we have twins! My coco looks just identical to Natasha! How neat 🙂

    • You are right! Coco looks very much like Natasha! Could be sisters.

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