Posted by: Kimberly J. McCloskey | January 5, 2011

Angel Nubby Cake


Sounds yummy doesn’t it? Angel Nubby Cake. Maybe you’re envisioning something like a cross between angel cake and monkey bread… and I’ll tell you what, our Angel Nubby Cake was just as sweet as both of those tasty treats!

Angel’s story is also special, but in a different way, and it’s tied very closely to Polly’s.

If you read Polly’s story, you’ll recall that we had taken a tour of the local animal shelter’s facility and had been taken into the adult cat room full of cats in cages. It absolutely broke my heart to see so many beautiful, full of life kitties being restricted to cages lining the walls of this room. But what broke my heart even more was when my eyes landed on Angel.

Angel was actually in one of the first cages as you entered the room. Pure white and already quite large, she was sleeping in her litter pan, back to the room, face in the corner. To me the position just screamed, “I’m so sad! I don’t want to be here.” She didn’t even respond when I initially looked into her cage… which incidentally is when I noticed she didn’t have a tail, just a little nub.

But at that time I wasn’t there to see Angel or anyone other than Polly, whose cage I proceeded directly to because I just couldn’t stand to look at all those longing-for-homes kitties. So even though I moved on, Angel was already embedded in my brain.

Later on at home Rob and I talked (and I cried) about Polly… and all the other kitties. We agreed that we could probably adopt a second kitty along with Polly, just because we were so overwhelmed with how many were there. I actually went back to the shelter with a note book to find the right kitty. At that time it was important that a newcomer would have to be female (Miles would not have tolerated another male) and she had to be declawed because everyone else in the house was. Yes, I visited every female kitty in a cage at the shelter and narrowed it down to three – guess who was on that list? Angel.

And for that second visit she was just as sad looking as the first. This time she at least looked at me and had the largest, roundest, most sad eyes I ever had been subjected to. I almost broke out in tears at that very moment. She’d only been at the shelter for four months.  There was a story behind her reason for being there, some lame excuse that didn’t make sense.

It was a no-brainer. There was no way to deny that something about Angel grabbed me from the moment I saw her. I instinctively knew there was something special about her and that she needed to come home with me. I also was afraid no one else would want a kitty without a tail (I had never seen one before). So I told the volunteers that I wanted to adopt her as well.

So Angel came home with us alongside Polly, and they were housed separately in the guest bedroom to allow everyone’s scents to mingle under the door. But after just one week, we decided it was time to open the door and see how everyone reacted – and something amazing happened.

Miles and Natasha – the king and queen – were on the far side of the living room (Boris eventually wandered in but stayed casually off to the side) when we let Polly and Angel out. Polly, being the assertive one, came right out and sat down across the room from Miles and Natasha, giving them “that look”… and they both gave it right back to her. There were a few tense moments. And then out comes Angel – sweet and innocent as can be. She tiptoed past Polly, all the way across the living room, right around and behind Miles and Natasha, and sat down. It was like she was saying, ” Don’t worry about me, guys. I’m one of you!” And do you know what? Miles and Natasha hardly even gave her a glance. They both were more concerned with Polly, the warrior, who was still sitting there all prim and proper just looking like she was going to take over the house by force if it came to it.

That was our first clue that Angel was special. She was an absolute lover to the very core of her soul and no one – human or animal – could resist her charming ways! She never had an argument with another kitty in the house. And every person who met her immediately fell in love. How could you not? Angel greeted everyone who entered the house and always wanted to be where the people and the conversation was.  She amused many people by rotating her little nub in circles.  And she was always ready for a hug any time of day, anywhere at all. So if you needed a hug, you could find her and get a good one. And sometimes she needed a hug, by golly, and she would seek you out and look at you with those big sad eyes, and immediately you were compelled to stop doing whatever you were doing and give her a hug!

How foolish her previous owners were to give her up! But how fortunate we were to have her!


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