Posted by: Kimberly J. McCloskey | May 14, 2011

Almost a lap cat

I’m so excited… Roxanne is turning into a lap cat!

I don’t even know where to start.

Over the past few weeks, I had been spending some extra special time with Roxanne, sitting on the floor with her and sharing some lovin’. She’d become very affectionate over the seven months we’ve had her. She loves to be petted and circles around me to rub her body against mine.

Two weeks ago, she began standing on my legs while getting her cheeks rubbed or during a good neck scratch. First it was one foot, then two, then three, and then all four. For only a moment at first, but eventually up to several minutes at a time she would “stand” on me. One of these times she even head-butted my chin… almost. Her being “formerly feral”, I had to be careful not to look directly at her while she did these things or she would feel intimidated and back off. Mostly, though, I had to just resist the urge to lean down and kiss her on the head!

Sometimes when she was really enjoying the pets, she would plop down by my feet and roll to expose her belly, but also motion as if she were going to grab my ankles and wrestle. Her claws are super, razor sharp, so I very quietly discouraged that action each time.

But, as you can tell, her trust has been building quite a bit lately.

Tonight she came looking for me and I knew she wanted her special love session. But when I sat on the floor and began petting her, she did not circle my body and rub on me. She didn’t even sniff at my hands and direct whether I scratched her cheeks or ears. She just sat there on the floor in front of me, enjoying what I was doing but not participating. I noticed she looked a little tired. After a few minutes she laid down at my feet, which were side by side and flat on the floor. Instead of the belly up and fake-grab, she lay on her side a bit, tucked in, and put her shoulder on my toes. Yes, ON my toes!

I didn’t know what to do at first, but after she settled, I gave her a couple of strokes down her back, and then let her doze on my toes. She looked so sweet and relaxed. Noises would prompt her to peek around her, and those ears didn’t ever really stop moving, but she seemed pretty content with her situation. I decided I would sit like that as long as I could so as not to disturb her first ever almost sitting on me experience!

Well, after about 15 minutes my foot began to fall asleep, and I had to change positions which I did ever so slowly. She took the hint and readjusted so that she curled up in a ball with her back snug up against the outside of my other leg. Again, I stroked her cheeks and chin a bit to show her I was okay with what she was doing. And then she put her head down and dozed again.

Talk about progress!

After another 15 minutes of sitting on the floor and trying very hard not to disturb her, I had to readjust my position again. This time she got up and moved a few feet away, so I thought she was done. I had one foot flat on the floor with my arm draped over my bent knee, and my other leg was also bent, but more on the floor. I was looking away and felt something move in the small space between my legs — when I looked, THERE was Roxanne! She was tucking down in between my legs, in a small and somewhat “confined” area! All by herself! Her back was to me and she was facing out, so I could watch in bewilderment as she got cozy. Then a moment later she stretched out her neck to lay her chin on my ankle! It was a bit of an odd position, I could tell, so she adjusted once or twice, but got as comfortable as she could and settled in for another doze.

By this time my heart was just exploding with pure joy! So much so that I almost cried… I did certainly tear up. I just couldn’t believe that this kitty who was so afraid of people and hid under a dresser for the first three weeks in my house, was now taking the initiative to cuddle and sleep touching me. She’s my “almost a lap cat” that I never thought would happen. Absolutely I wanted it to and hoped it would, but didn’t expect it to happen for years and years. And here she was, her body basically being cradled on all four sides by my body… by her choice.




  1. What a heart-lifting story, Kim. I can tell this was a major turning point, both for you and her. I’m so proud of you.

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