Posted by: Kimberly J. McCloskey | September 4, 2011



Fluffy came to us because of some divine intervention.

See, it had been well over a year since we had a lovey-dovey cat in the house. The kind of cat you can go up to at any time, in any location, and get some “furry lovin” in the form of hugs and kisses. Yes, we had other cats, but none of them were affectionate and I was missing that… badly. So I sent up a message to the universe and asked for an affectionate, older cat that I can hug on whenever I wanted.

About one week later I heard about a cat that might be coming into the rescue where I volunteer. Fluffy was a 13 year old Maine Coon whose “mommy” had died and whose “daddy” had gone into a nursing home. He was declawed and putting him in with the general population at the cat house was a concern of mine.

Immediately, of course, I began to consider bringing him home if indeed he did arrive at the shelter. One mission of The Cat Spa is to give a loving home to older kitties whose people have died and no one else wants them. Most people don’t like adopting an adult cat let alone a senior or geriatric one!

When I met Fluffy at the shelter he was in one of the rooms with all the young kittens, running around and jumping and having a good time… the kittens were, Fluffy was not. He spent his time in his carrier safe from all the commotion. But when a person came into the room, he emerged looking for some attention. He was large, of course, being a Maine Coon, and with all the fur next to the kittens, he looked enormous. He immediately head-butted and circled me, rubbing his body against mine the whole time. It was evident he was quite affectionate, healthy and strong for a 13 year old cat!

So Fluffy came home as a foster to The Cat Spa were he wouldn’t be subjected to a rescue full of younger, more spry cats with claws. He could stay with us until another home was found… or he could just stay with us.

The first week with Fluffy was quite interesting while we tried to learn each other’s “ways”. He liked to be petted, but apparently a certain way. He also liked it best when I would sit on the floor and let him circle me a couple of times, rubbing against me as he went. Then he would lie down on the floor directly in front of me and gaze at me. However, if I tried to pet him at this point, anywhere, he would snap at me! I learned that I was simply supposed to admire him, tell him how beautiful he is, how lovely his fur is, and what a good boy he is — but no touching! He also likes a morning hug, the kind where I pick him up off the floor and love on him. He also likes to be held in my arms, again, a certain way, where he can drape his arms and head on my shoulders and nuzzle my neck.

I’ll admit, though, it wasn’t the easiest integration of Fluffy into our household with three existing cats — two of which were males. I didn’t see it coming, but the next five months were very challenging. Not only were there cat disagreements and fights, there was spraying and marking going on. Fluffy came from an only-cat house and he just wanted to be left alone, but Weaver saw Fluffy as an intruder in his domain.  Eventually, Fluffy was returned to the “safe room” full time (which is where he lived the first couple of weeks until I thought everyone could get along) and it became known as his “private suite”. It became so bad that I seriously began considering finding Fluffy another home… and FAST, which I just hated to do. However, after doing some research and convincing my husband, we installed a wooden-framed screen door to Fluffy’s suite (aka my home office) so that he could see into the house and the other kitties could see in — they could all see that they weren’t “missing anything”. And suddenly the tensions died down a bit. Whew!

So as it stands now, Fluffy spends most of his time perfectly content in his “private suite”, watching the humming birds and bunnies from the sliding glass door or the double windows he doesn’t have to share with anyone else. He eats at his own leisure pace because he doesn’t have to worry about someone else mooching in on his meal. He can come and go from the litter pans without being jumped by Weaver. And he can sleep anywhere he wants. Best of all, when we (the Cat Spa servants) are working on our computers (for me, that’s all day), he has us all to himself. He’s appears to be very happy with this arrangement! Don’t worry, he’s allowed into the house whenever he wants, but usually it’s just to look around and make sure nothing has changed, and then he asks to go back into his room.

All in all, I would say Fluffy is the best-behaved cat in the house and I’m so very happy we gave him the chance to move in… and stay… with us.


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