About the Spa

How It Began

The Cat Spa came into existence back in 1992, but we didn’t really know it. It happened so gradually over time, and it was so perfectly orchestrated by Miles that we didn’t even know we were being manipulated. Talk about smart.

It began like this: Miles the cat showed up at our home during a tropical depression (see the story on Miles for details) and secured his place in our home and hearts. We knew he was a smart boy, but we didn’t know how smart. By the time we figured it out, it was too late to save ourselves. 🙂 Before we knew it, we had been turned into servants.

What We Became

What all this all means, is that The Cat Spa has become a place where kitty cats get spoiled rotten! We have baskets of all sizes and shapes placed around the home with soft blankets or towels in them for napping. We used cat carriers (gasp!) with the doors removed as “caves” which sometimes have pillows inside for a cozy sleep-spot. There are always plenty of litter boxes scattered conveniently throughout the house and since we are both self-employed and work at home, we are available to scoop the pans on an as-needed basis. We have blankets and quits and afghan on the sofas, recliners, rocking chairs, and beds throughout the house, for more cozy sleeping places. We use stools of various sizes for steps so the kitties can get to higher furniture without having to jump. Water bowls are in several rooms and have been raised to accommodate those that prefer them that way. Small meals are divvied out four times a day so they eat as often as we do. Treats are given freely. Ice cubes are put in water bowls during the hot months if certain kitties prefer them. Canned food is warmed. You name it, if a kitty can ask for it, they get it.

What We Learned

Most of our kitties were basically abandoned by someone else. Miles, Boris and Buford were dumped out and left to fend for themselves; Natasha, Angel and Seymour had owners who simply didn’t want them anymore; Polly’s human died, and her daughter didn’t want her; Weaver was left at the vet with his curious health problems; Roxanne was a feral-rescue; and Cassie’s humans just don’t seem to care about her well being.

So we came to realize that we’ve been running a rescue of our own over the last 18 years. We’ve opened our homes and our hearts to kitties that no one else wanted… for whatever reason. It didn’t matter to us. All we know is that all kitties deserve to have a loving, forever home and for the love, affection and humor they bring into our lives, they deserve to be spoiled, too.

If I could, I would bring in every kitty that needs a home… but the reality is, I can’t.

Going Forward

Miss Polly was 11 years old when we brought her into our family after living for a year at the shelter. No one wanted an “old cat” and countless people have no idea what they missed out on by passing her by.

Weaver is deaf and has some neurological issues; no one wanted him either. Why? Because he was different.

It breaks my heart that these types of kitties, the elderly ones and the handicapped ones, have an even more difficult time finding a forever home than a “normal” healthy cat.

Going forward, I will focus on rescuing more of these special cats. I know how much love they can give and how appreciative they become of their new people. Even if they are only with us for a short period of time, I will rest better knowing that I have given at least some kitties a wonderful life.

For The Record

All of my adult life I have been plagued by repeated dreams… or at least dreams with the same theme: cat rescue. At very least once a month I have a dream about literally rescuing cats, usually it’s been kittens. They are always in a bad situation: stuck under steps, being looked after by people who ignored obvious health problems, caught in traps – you name it, I’ve probably dreamt it. I usually go to great lengths to rescue the kitties and wake up in a sweat from all the physical work in my dream, or upset if I’m not able to help them.

It was only very recently that I finally realized that those dreams have been speaking to me all this time — that it was time for my to stop ignoring them! Yes, I have been doing a form of rescue all these years, but it’s obviously my passion, it’s the reason for my existence. And you know what else?  It’s okay to admit it and embrace it and tell it to the world!

The Care-Takers

That would be my husband and I, Rob and Kimberly McCloskey.


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